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PUBG Receives New Matchmaking Improvements – Quick Join Also Improves

The PUBG team had been getting tons of feedback from players in certain regions complaining about long matchmaking times. Players were also being put in only one or two specifics maps repeatedly while using Quick Join.

Now, PUBG servers have received an update to improve the matchmaking experience for players based on their feedback. A few changes have been made to both Quick Join and the making system, in general, to improve the over experience of players.

Quick Join has been improved to better distribute players across all maps. This will put more players into a multitude of maps more consistently regardless of what maps are mostly selected by other players. Matchmaking also sees improvements just like Quick Join. Players will have decreased matchmaking times when individual maps are selected. Instances, where users experience infinite matchmaking times on some specific maps, will also be reduced.

Matchmaking systems are not exactly simple, issues should be expected from this update along with the possibility of even more unhappy users. As said by the PUBG team,

This is only one step in our efforts to improve matchmaking and not a final solution, your feedback is crucial as we work to continually improve the PUBG experience for our players.


Everything comes at a price, and so do these changes. To obtain a better variety of maps, longer load times should be expected now. As it is inevitable that most players will choose only a specific selection of maps leaving the remaining maps being deserted. Anyone who then tries to play on these maps will experience long loading times now, before, the player was just put into other maps instead of making them wait.

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