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Razer Extends Chroma RGB Effects To Apex Legends – Razer Chroma-Enabled Devices Now Reacts With Apex Legends

Oh boy, Razer’s back again at it with its RGB craze. Following the incredible launch of Apex Legends last month, Razer has included a number of RGB-effects for Apex Legends players who own Razer’s line of peripherals, notebooks and other devices.

This means that Razer’s RGB-enabled keyboard and mice would now react based on what’s displayed on the screen. The Razer Choma effects are activated in a number of sequences while playing the game such as;

  • Opening Apex Packs and rewards
  • Notifications as you fire, heal and take damage
  • Alerts when your Ultimate is ready
  • Smoke trails when skydiving
  • Pick up loot of different rarity (i.e. white, blue, purple, gold)

All of these effects are well-done extensively and do not seems to be needing any more updates any time soon. For folks who love to grind in Apex Legends, these additions would make their experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

To enable these effects, simply login into the latest Razer Synapse build and enable Razer’s Chroma effects to be able to see the new effects in action.

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