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Razer Revives Their Best Selling Products By Improving On Them – New Blackwidow, Kraken, and Basilisk

Razer has been making gaming products ever since the company was founded in 2005. Razers main slogan was and still is ‘built for gamers, by gamers‘. They have made a variety of gaming products ranging from Mice, Keyboards, and Headsets among other stuff. Razer has had some very successful and popular products over the years. Now they have decided to revive their best-selling Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset to form a new budget lineup of their best selling products that are improved on.

The Clickiest Razer Blackwidow

The original Razer Blackwidow was release in late 2010 with Cherry MX Blues and was a huge success. On the contrary, every version of the Blackwidow was quite successful and loved by gamers. But, when Razer decided to switch to their own Razer greens with the Blackwidow Chroma in 2012, users were skeptical of the switch and were hesitant to accept it. Razer made their own Green switch in partnership with Kailh. But, the Green switch turned out to be a treat for gamers as the Green switch had a shorter actuation point than Cherry MX Blue switches. With tenkeyless tournament editions also being available the Blackwidow lineup of Razer keyboards has been the go-to choice for some gamers for quite a while now

Razer Revives Their Best Selling Products By Improving On Them - New Blackwidow, Kraken, and Basilisk 8

Fast forward to today and Razer has revived the Blackwidow lineup with their new and improved Razer Blackwidow. The keyboard uses Razer’s own Green switches that have the benefit of having a shorter actuation point and a more distinct clicky sound than Cherry MX Blue switches. The keyboard also is said to have a minimal key wobble with Razer’s dual-side wall design. This should help with any inaccuracy when typing and miss presses. Each key is rated at 80million keystrokes which should last you quite a while.

You can’t forget the RGB goodness we have come to expect from Razer. The keyboard features Razer Chrome with 16.8 million colors for each individual key. The lighting can be easily controller by the Razer Synapse software. Sadly, there is no hardware shortcuts built in to control the RGB lighting on the keyboard.

The Keyboard only seems to come in Black color. It costs $119.99USD and is available now on the Razer store.

The Comfier Razer Kraken

The Razer Kraken is perhaps the most iconic headset we have seen alongside the Steelseries Siberia V2. The headset could have been seen on many people’s heads. The original Kraken only came as a headset and had no mic by default. To get the mic you had to buy the Pro version of the Kraken. However, The Razer Kraken V2 changed this with the addition of a mic by default. Both the Razer Kraken V1 and V2 versions had 7.1 surround sound support that immersed users into their games even more.

The Razer Kraken Pro didn’t differ much from the apart from a few elements. The Pro version connected via a 3.5mm headphone jack instead of a USB connector, it did not have any surround sound support, the v2 version of the Kraken Pro had 2 mics in the headset instead of just one. Overall, The Razer Kraken lineup of headsets had a lot to give to gamers with 7.1 surround sound, Pro, and Tournament versions available.

Razer Revives Their Best Selling Products By Improving On Them - New Blackwidow, Kraken, and Basilisk 9

Razer has added a new successor to the Kraken Pro V2 with the all-new Razer Kraken. The headset is based on the design elements of their flagship headset the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition. The Razer Kraken is a headset that both looks very comfy and delivers as well. With its large thick cushions and the well-padded headband, you could game for hours on end without having to take your headset off.

Razer has also improved on the main part of the headset maturing their already good 50mm drivers that should make for a crisp and clear listening experience. The headset has inline volume controls and a mute toggle for convenience. The headset comes in the classic Green, Black, Pink, and a Black version with Blue accents. It costs $79.99USD which is the same as the Kraken Pro V2.

The Razer Basilisk Essential

The Razer Basilisk Essential is the same as the original Basilisk in terms of its shape. It still retains the right-handed ergonomic form factor from the original. The mouse features 7 different configurable buttons that use razer’s mechanical mouse switches which can last up to 20 million clicks. One thing this mouse does a bit different is the inclusion of a Multi-Function thumb paddle which was what one of the features that made the original basilisk so great.

We seem to get a sensor upgrade here with a 6400DPI optical sensor. But, any other specifics of the sensor have not yet been revealed. We will have to wait and see whether the sensor has acceleration/jitter problems or not as reviews of the mouse come in. The mouse also features Razer Chroma lighting which should satisfy all of your RGB needs with it’s 16.8 million colours and various effects.

Razer Revives Their Best Selling Products By Improving On Them - New Blackwidow, Kraken, and Basilisk 10

The Razer Basilisk Essential is priced at $49.99USD and is available now on the Razer store.

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