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Red Dead Redemption’s New Update On PS4 Downgrades Graphics Without Notice

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undeniably one of the highlight titles of 2018. Being released on the Xbox One and PS4 the title crossed new boundaries of graphical innovation and produced a game pleasing to the eye. Rockstar like most their titles have a habit of perfectionism and Red Dead Redemption 2 radiates that same energy.

The title received a new update just recently with various bug fixes and features but little did fans know, the update brought a downgrade in graphics for the PS4. After the update fans quickly realized the downgrade in graphics and the internet went wild. The user Darealbandicoot was one of the first to notice the play and immediately took the matter to Twitter.

Red Dead Redemption's New Update On PS4 Downgrades Graphics Without Notice 7

Taking a look at the provided screenshots we notice that the new v1.06 update removes the AO ( Ambient Occlusion) settings down to a minimum. For those of you who are new to the word, Ambient Occlusion or AO is a method widely used in modern titles to enhance the lighting and shadows of the game. The AO feature actually tells the light to react in a natural way according to its surroundings and appear realistic.

Red Dead Redemption's New Update On PS4 Downgrades Graphics Without Notice 8
Before The 1.06 Update
Red Dead Redemption's New Update On PS4 Downgrades Graphics Without Notice 9
After The 1.06 Update

Although the update didn’t mention any sort of downgrades but the differences are striking and taking a look at the shots we can notice the differences with ease. The shadows after the patch are reduced down to the minimum and the entire scenery looks pale and very uninviting. From here there could only be two possibilities. Either that this update triggered a bug which would disable AO or that Rockstar purposely downgraded the graphics in order for the game to run smoothly.

Taking the graphics capabilities of the PS4, Red Dead Redemption easily pushes the outdated hardware to the very extreme squeezing out every drop of power and with it, chances are that the game became unbearable and had to be optimized. For now we’d like enthusiasts to not update the game in order to not ruin the visuals and in the meantime Rockstar would definitely have to answer some questions.

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