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Samsung Galaxy S10 Durability Test Proves Its Worth

The Galaxy S10 is out and rolling for enthusiasts to grab. The phone is easily the most hyped up device of 2019 with it breaking a ton of innovation barriers. One of the key aspects of any smartphone is its durability score and how it stacks up to regular wear and tear. For a smartphone which costs around a thousand dollars, the question becomes even more significant.

Luckily for us, JerryRigEverything is back with more durability tests and this time, the Galaxy S10 is on the chopping board. Straight off the fingerprint sensor is under the radar where most of the experiments are directed. Samsung claims to have put an ultrasonic sensor to detect the ridges of a finger using echolocation. Once again the S10 showing its class and quality by performing excellently even when the glass surface was scratched to an extent unimaginable. But once you step up a notch and crack the display, the sensor is unable to record or read your finger, pretty interesting!

As we move towards the flame test, 30 seconds into the test, the pixels start to white out and once the flame is removed, everything gets back to normal. As for the chassis of the device, Samsung has opted for an aluminium body instead of a heavier stainless steel body. Unarguably though the device performed exceptionally well when it came to the bend test. Giving off only a minimal bend. Moreover, the Galaxy S10 is build sturdy and ready for anything. The thin bezels and elegant design certainly does not do justice to what the phone is actually capable of.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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