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Samsung Galaxy A70 Launched – It’s Finally Here!

Samsung has finally launched the Samsung Galaxy A70 out of the blue. Following a series of leaks over the past month or two, the Galaxy A70 has finally been released.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Released – Features A 4500mAh Battery, A 6.7-inch Display, And Three Cameras On Its Rear

The Samsung Galaxy A70, like the Galaxy A30 and A50, shares a ton of design cues in common. However, where the A70 shines is in the specs department. The new Samsung Galaxy A70 features a larger-than-ever 6.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display featuring the all-too-classy waterdrop notch Samsung has become accustomed to. Just like the Galaxy A50, the Samsung Galaxy A70 comes with a triple rear camera setup consisting of a 32MP f/1.7 main camera, an 8MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera and a 5MP f/2.2 depth camera at the back as well as a 32MP f/2.0 shooter up front for those selfies.

Furthermore, the device is said to pack either 6/8GB RAM, 128GB of storage as standard, an under-display fingerprint sensor, and a 4,500mAh battery with “Super-Fast Charging” support. Out of the box, the device would run on Android 9 Pie out of the box and would come in four colors at launch, that is, Blue, Coral, Black, and White. Since the Asian market is Samsung’s target market for the Galaxy A70, the Samsung Galaxy A70 comes with dual sim card slots as well as a dedicated MicroSD card slot for folks who want to pop in a 512GB MicroSD card.

As per usual, Samsung made sure that they didn’t skimp on their extra-added features. Aside from the great specs, the Samsung Galaxy A70 comes with Samsung Bixby, NFC-powered Samsung Pay support, Samsung Health, and a few more Samsung-centric apps.

Regarding the SoC, Samsung has yet again managed to conceal the choice of SoC on the Galaxy A70. Being the more controversial launch of the earlier two Galaxy A launches, Samsung decided not to reveal the SoC of choice on the Galaxy A70. The SoC on the Galaxy A70 is an octa-core CPU, featuring a dual and hexa-cluster layout. Two of the cores on the Galaxy A70 are said to be for high-performance applications thanks to its faster 2.0Ghz clock speeds, while the rest of the six cores are reserved only for when they’re needed to most to reserve power. Rumors have previously stated that the Galaxy A70 would come with a Snapdragon SM6150/SM7150 SoC. However, that claim may remain in limbo until anything further is confirmed. As far as we have done our research, Samsung hasn’t released a CPU with the above specs before. So it very well may be one of the Qualcomm SoCs mentioned above.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the pricing of the Galaxy A70 yet. However, given how well the Galaxy A30 and A50 are priced at, we would suggest that the Galaxy A70’s pricing may be in the ballpark of around US $350-$400.

With the Galaxy A70 now out of the way, we’re left wondering what the three devices dedicated for the Galaxy A series would be. Can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store.

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