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Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Folding Test Surfaces – Built To Withstand 200,000 Folds

The Galaxy Fold was recently teased with the launch of Samsung’s flagship S10 series. The phone immediately gained a ton of exposure with almost every major, minor tech enthusiast talking about the unique standpoint of the device and how it paints the picture of the future of smartphones. Today, Samsung has released the footage of the durability test every Galaxy Fold undergoes before they are fit to perfection.

The crease on the Galaxy Fold is aesthetically the most pleasing feature about the phone but apparently the most sensitive as well. For a foldable smartphone to succeed in a modern smartphone world, it would have to be extremely durable and the folds must in fact be built well enough to last a while. Samsung has done exactly that and as we know how they have made remarkable progress in their quality control department ever since the Note 7 incident.

The folding test showcases Galaxy Fold devices attached to robots constantly folding and unfolding the phone. The robots ensure that every Galaxy Fold device undergoes proper testing before proceeding to the next stage and that is what makes the hinge design worthy. The test examines whether the Galaxy Fold would survive about 200,000 folds and unfolds in its lifetime equaling around 5 years given that a person folds and unfolds a smartphone 100 times a day. Samsung’s approach to new designs has been very professional and they have a perfectionism very few manufacturers tend to achieve.

The Galaxy Fold despite having tough competition with the Huawei Mate X seems to superior in build quality and the tablet to phone convertible has proved to be a worthy successor in terms of innovation. The durability test itself takes about a week to complete which might seem a little too extreme but whence talking about a brand new innovative feature, things must be perfect.

The hinge geometry on the phone works effectively in reducing the stress on the actual display panel and keeps the phone’s durability on point. All things considered, the durability tests are still conducted in a controlled environment and cannot by any means depict real-life instances. Nevertheless, we expect the Galaxy Fold to perform desirably and to continue operations for the desired period of time without any hiccups.

Taking one look at this test, Huawei would definitely want to level up their durability standards for Samsung is undeniably on the move and wont stop till they become the very best.

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