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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expectations – UFS 3.0, 1TB, 4500mAh Battery & More

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is officially live and it is everything one could expect. The smartphone broke a lot of barriers and has proved to be a vital pivotal point for Samsung’s smartphone market share. The Galaxy S10 set global benchmarks for competitors with a punch hole display, 5G and much more. Although Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S10, rumours and predictions about their next move have already started to circulate among enthusiasts. The Galaxy Note 10 it seems would act as Samsung’s next flagship and the 9th edition to the Galaxy Note franchise. Renders of the Note 10 have surfaced courtesy of folks over at phonearena and there are more than quite a few things we can expect the Note 10 to embrace.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Display -Bigger, Better & More Refined Than Ever

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expectations - UFS 3.0, 1TB, 4500mAh Battery & More 10

Samsung has been phenomenal with its displays in general and the displays on their smartphones are the best in business. The Galaxy S10 proved to be a turning point in Samsung’s trajectory to market domination and the punch hole design cleverly avoided the notch with a minimalistic hole in a display. While covering almost the same space as a teardrop notch, the punch hole design looks a lot more futuristic and refined than the notch and is way more difficult to execute than the notch.

We can be absolutely certain that the Note 10 would most certainly house the same punch hole design with a 19:9 aspect ratio display with the resolution coming in at 3040 X 1440. The S10’s display was recently rated as the best on market by DisplayMate and we expect the Note 10 to continue the legacy. One thing we could hope for is the shrinking of the camera cutout on the front. With time the technology is bound to refine and the end product is sure to be an improvement over the S10. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor would also be refined and upgraded. Although the S10’s ultrasonic sensor was near perfect, Samsung wouldn’t mind adding a bigger and faster sensor on the Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Camera & AI – Smarter & Faster Than Ever Before

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expectations - UFS 3.0, 1TB, 4500mAh Battery & More 11

AI technology has come a long way and with it has come the dawn of algorithms which ease life with suggestions and recommendations. In 2019 AI has gained some solid ground as we saw in the S10. With better predictions and recommendations the user experience is significantly improved and the algorithm further helps in reducing stress. The AI also helps in cleverly optimizing the system of the phone according to the user’s needs and we hope for the Note 10 to take it up a notch.

Cameras on Samsung devices have always been spectacular but the S10 having 3 cameras on the S10 and S10+ with three rear-facing cameras took it to a whole new level. The S10 for the first time introduced an ultra wide angled lens in an S device. The selfie cameras on the S10 were immediately crowned to be the best in business and the rear-facing cameras came in at 3rd according to DxOMark. With the Note 10, Samsung would most probably rock in 4 cameras like the 5G S10 which Samsung has told very little about. As far as raw performance is considered, Note 10 could possibly make AI adjustments to the existing sensors and bring out stunning photographs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Memory & Storage – What Comes Next?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expectations - UFS 3.0, 1TB, 4500mAh Battery & More 12

Samsung has set a standard when it comes to storage with the S10. With the base model starting at 128GB for the regular S10s and the S10 5G to start at 256GB and no expandable storage, the line between the two lays very thin. Considering the fact that the Galaxy Note series is the more premium franchise by Samsung we could most probably expect the device to start off at 256GB and go all the way up to a massive 1TB model. As far as speeds are concerned, Note 10 could be the first to embrace UFS 3.0 storage with bandwidth up to 23 GBPS. This would not only improve general snappiness but would also be a whole lot more efficient. The Exynos 9820 would support UFS 3.0 storage standards out of the box and since the technology already in production we would expect Samsung to debut it on the Galaxy Note 10. More on that here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Availability, 5G & Variants – How Would It Compare?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expectations - UFS 3.0, 1TB, 4500mAh Battery & More 13

5G, the most hyped up topic of 2019 has started to make its way in the mainstream markets. With most of the major smartphone brands supporting 5G and its insane capabilities, we expect the Note 10 to take it up a notch and ship every Note 10 with the X50 modem. The variants of the Note 10 are expected to generally be differentiated in terms of their storage, memory and build. Samsung with the S10 has deployed a ceramic option with a more premium look and we hope that the Galaxy Note 10 is some integral of that premium look.

The phone itself is still a healthy few months away from any sort of exposure yet we expect tipsters to unravel details about the Note 10 bit by bit as the year goes by. Samsung has been phenomenal with different gradient colours with the Galaxy Alpha series and we should be certain that the Note 10 will come with some insane colour options.

The Note series has been exceptional with battery life when it stacks against competitors. Despite Samsung having a bad experience with huge batteries, the manufacturer has fitted the S10 5G with a massive 4500 mAh battery to further improve timings. That all paired with exceptional software optimizations are bound to make the Note 10 explosive.

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