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Samsung Galaxy S10’s Charging Port Can No Longer Be Replaced, Confirms Teardown

Samsung may have had an amazing launch last month. However, the company may have begun its Apple-like casualties with its latest iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

In a video posted by the tech-teardown YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, it seems like Samsung has made sure that self-repairing the Samsung Galaxy S10 is as hard it gets. In a video detailing the teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S10, it was revealed that Samsung has opted out of the modular Type-C charging port on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Instead, the charging port on the Galaxy S10 has sadly been soldered onto the mainboard of the device, essentially bricking the device if you feel brave enough to repair it.

However, where it gets off the hooks is when we realized how bad the repair would be. Not only would you not be able to replace the charging port modularly, but if you do plan to replace it once its out of warranty, the entire board goes with it, including the SoC, RAM and internal storage unless they’re de-soldered.

Furthermore, several other anti-consumer practices were revealed upon the teardown of the device. And while normal consumers may not be the folks who teardown their devices everyday, it certainly poisons the idea of suspecting a complete replacement once the Galaxy S10 goes out of warranty since repairing the device would most likely be much more expensive given that the board goes along with it.

And given that the Galaxy S10 Plus shares a similar design with the Galaxy S10 suggests that it would most likely feature a similar structure on the inside, it’s likely that the issue is present in the S10 Plus as well. What we’re left with now is whether Samsung has adapted the same practices on the Galaxy S10E as well.

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