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Sony’s State Of Play Broadcast To Start Off This Monday Giving An Insight On The Future Of PlayStation

As 2019 continues on with major gaming announcements being made, Sony has had a fair bit to say. Their best selling console, the PS4 is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of the console market. Today, Sony has announced a live event to discuss the future of its consoles and the future of the Playstation 4 to be precise.

The PS4 has been performing exceptionally with a great balance between great content and features. The console not only is on top of its competitors but offers a quality experience which cannot be found anywhere else. One of the highlights of the console is its exclusive titles which have been the backbone of the console. The broadcast event would most likely give users an outlook of what to expect this year on the PS4.

As the console nears its final years, Sony has to be working on something special for the PS4. It is also revealed that more intro and footage about upcoming titles would air and would give a clear message to players on what to expect. With that on the side, one thing which is still hasn’t matured over the years is PS VR. The VR experience on the PlayStation is definitely mediocre and when compared with the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift just lags behind. With the State of Play broadcast, we expect Sony to step it up a notch and bring in massive improvements to the platform.

The first episode kicks off this Monday, March 25th at 2pm PST. Sony claims to continue these sort of events throughout the year with more and more insight to what they’ve been up to. Enthusiasts would be able to watch the whole broadcast on YouTube, Twitch and more.

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