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Steam To Get A Redesigned Library Page – First Look From GDC Keynote

Valve is feeling the pressure with Epic Games and their store that rivals Steam. Because of this, Valve has been making a couple of very exciting announcements this past month. They did a couple of talks and made announcements at their GDC keynote. The keynote included Steam’s Redesigned Library Page, New Steam Events Page. Just a week earlier Valve also announced Steam Link Anywhere which was a great move by them.

With the GDC Keynote, we get a first look at the newly redesigned Steam Library and Event Pages. Previously, a lot of rumors and leaked mockups were going around about possible changes to be made to Steam. This is only a redesign of the Library Page with the addition of the new Events Page, and nothing else. Steam will not be getting an entire refresh to it’s UI. Late last year Steam received an update that completely revamped their friends and chats system which brought a new breath of life to their chat system.

The new Steam Library Tab shall have a ‘Home’ page where you get information on all of the games in your collection. You get to see the recent games you have played with little icons beneath each games banner showing you which one of your friends are in that game at the moment. Below that, you see any recent game updates on all the games in your library. Below that, you have all of your games listed in the form of tiles. You can sort your games by different attributes. This could be like the achievements you have earned in each game. At the top right, you have friends activity. This lets you see what games your friends are playing currently and what are their states in each game.

Steam To Get A Redesigned Library Page - First Look From GDC Keynote 5
Steam To Get A Redesigned Library Page - First Look From GDC Keynote 6

Below the Home page, you have your games listed just like before with your favorite games being first except they are categorized by genre now. By using the tags that have been present in the store, you now get a library that is better-organized. You also get much better visibility and better-implemented search feature. Now you can search through your massive library quickly and easy. Click on a game and you are presented with a page with all the info you need on the right side. You get to view any recent events and update for the game. You also get to see who is currently playing that game right now and which one of your friends own the game and play it. Scroll down a bit more and you get a list of all the activities, achievements, trading cards, and screenshots you have done or made in many hours you have played the game.

Overall, the new redesign looks much better than before allowing better visibility and access to much more important information about your games right where you need them. Be it browsing through your library of games much easier or getting a quick overview of what’s new within your game library at a quick glance with the new home page. Any update that would include these changes does not yet have a specific release date set. But, a beta release is to be expected this summer with a full release probably following shortly after the beta.

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