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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Launch Trailer – Plus A Few Initial Thoughts

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is shaping out to be a good game. Just as the Open Beta has ended, Ubisoft comes out with the Launch Trailer for the game. The trailer is around 2 minutes long and the plot is narrated by some characters of the game.

The game comes out on the 15th, you can play it early by pre-ordering before the 12th and getting the game up to 3 days earlier than standard release. You also get a PC Game by pre-ordering and you get to choose from 3, Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs 2, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The Open Beta that ran from March 1st – 5th was available for all to play and pretty much is what the final game will look like. I played it too of course, and I have some stuff to stay about the game.

The game plays out really well with its tactical cover-based gameplay. You have allies walking around town fighting the baddies. Take cover and fight to protect your country as the Division Agent. The controls are a bit finicky though and could be refined a bit more, maybe I’m just not used to them. whenever I’d try to get out of taking cover it’s very awkward and I end up taking cover around another wall or object before double tapping the cover button and diving away, let’s not forget that I get shot a dozen times during all this clumsy movement. You have to let the player take cover before brainlessly tapping away on other buttons and doing stuff like aiming and shooting at enemies. This makes for some slower gameplay.

Ubisoft has deducted spot on PC Requirements and I think that every developer should start taking notes on this seemingly irrelevant aspect of a game release. Just take a look at your Rig and the PC Requirements for The Division 2 and you should be set, What the Requirements state for each stage of quality/experience is what you are going to get. Although one thing that has not been mentioned and you as the player should consider is what do you have space on your SSD? or an SSD at all? Because the loading times for the game were very long and you should definitely put this game on a fast drive.

Nevertheless, the game was fun and enjoyable, perhaps turn up the difficulty and you’ll have a though time against the NPC’s giving you a real challenge, maybe compete against real veteran players if you’re looking for an even greater challenge. This years game will fix what the first part lacked in, content. So expect a healthy supply of DLC, Missions, and add-ons down the road by Ubisoft.

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