Viewsonic VX3211-4K Review – 4K HDR At Its Best

Viewsonic has been aggressively releasing a number of monitors. And with HDR going mainstream, Viewsonic has released a number of monitors featuring support for the new HDR standard. With the advent of HDR TVs, Viewsonic has jumped on to the bandwagon and has updated some of their monitors to keep up with the HDR standard as we move forward.

And with the launch of the VX3211 lineup, Viewsonic’s latest addition, the VX3211-4K, has just knocked on our doors and we have been testing the monitor over the past two weeks. After using it for the past two weeks, we have a few words for the VX3211-4K.

Viewsonic VX3211-4K | Design & Build Quality

The design on the Viewsonic VX3211-4K is definitely great. The monitor features a black construction throughout with a decent amount of bezels on all four sides flanking the display itself.

Up front, we do get our glimpse at this behemoth of a display, all 31.5″-inches of it. All four borders of the display are even, so that was a good thing to see. Furthermore, the display featured an matte anti-glare coating up front as well as a few markings up front to denote the buttons at the back of the monitor.

Taking a look at the back of the monitor, you’ll find a neat, well-polished back as well as a hump that accommodates more of the hardware required to power the monitor. Just like most monitors nowadays, we were happy to see the inputs facing downwards, allowing us to keep our wires running straight. One thing that was unfortunate for us to see was the lack of a cable organizer. Once we had everything installed onto the monitor, we immediately noticed the wires dangling off of the monitor, that too, in two opposite sides of the monitor.

Aside from that, The Viewsonic VX3211-4K is built with the usual black plastic and metal components. The monitor itself is plastic for most of the part while the stand that comes in the box is made of metal.

Overall, the monitor looks good, including the stand that comes with it. However, the borders and cable management on the VX3211-4K may need some tweaking. As we progress in to 2019, bezel-free monitors are quickly becoming the norm.

Viewsonic VX3211-4K | Performance, Gaming & Overall Experience

There’s no doubt that the Viewsonic VX3211-4K is not for competitive gamers, but rather for the productive users who casually game every now and then.

After first unboxing the monitor, we were absolutely astonished by the size of this behemoth. So much so that the monitor did seem to be warping away from you from all sides of the monitor. However, that could just be us as we’ve been using curved monitors for a while now.

MonitorViewsonic VX3211-4k
Resolution3840 x 2160
Size32-inch (31.5-inch)
Panel TypeVA
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time3ms
Inputs2 x HDMI | 1 x DP

Color Reproduction

The monitor features a full 16:9 3840 x 2160 display spanning a 31.5-inch area. However, what makes the VX3211-4K has to be its large display size and its amazing HDR10 capabilities, making productivity tasks as well as media consumption an incredible experience.

Based on our testing, we found the display on the VX3211-4K amazing! Not only does it come with the new HDR10 upgrades, but the backlight bleed that plagues most monitors of its class is virtually absent here.

We then decided to test out the HDR capabilities of the monitor. For most of the part, we never noticed anything spectacular from the monitor. However, when we did come across HDR-enabled videos, we absolutely loved it. If we were to describe it, it reminds you of Samsung’s AMOLED displays while without the burn-in of AMOLEDs.

Gaming Experience

Coming over to the gaming aspect of things, we were happy to see Viewsonic throw in AMD’s open-source Freesync technology onto the VX3211-4k. With the help of Freesync, a whole lot of games felt a whole lot smoother than they initially were when Freesync was disabled. However, that isn’t to say that this would be a great monitor for gamers. While it may be fine for casual players, games that do not play well with Freeysnc absolutely suffer. One particular example of this was CSGO, despite lowering the resolution and clocking in over 300 FPS, we weren’t satisfied.

Like other monitors, we then decided to overclock the VX3211-4k. However, for some reason, none of the overlocked refresh rates would appear or stick. We tried everything we could, we used the CRU utility as well as AMD’s Settings app. However, nothing stuck with the monitor.

Games like Fortnite were incredible though, after all, Freesync works well with Fortnite and the addition of Freesync made the monitor a whole lot better than it initially was for gaming.


Regarding productivity, we absolutely loved the monitor. It’s large size, along with the addition of 4K made the monitor an absolute beast. Adobe Premier and Illustrator were some of the programs we absolutely enjoyed using with the monitor.

We found writing this article very comfortable too. Not only was it easy on the eye, but looking for previous text and getting an overall idea of where you’re writing in a word jungle was incredible.

Viewsonic VX3211-4K|Pricing & Conclusion

The Viewsonic VX3211-4K is definitely no cheap monitor. The monitor carries an official MSRP of RM1,899 and does sit among other high-end monitors.

The monitor features HDR10 support, has an amazing panel and has a ton of features to offer. However, it seems to be catering towards a very specific group of people, a group of people who would take full advantage of such a monitor. 4K and 32-inch panels do go hand in hand if productivity is your primary objective with this monitor.

Pretty much every application on the VX3211-4k, thanks to its 31.5-inch size, looks incredible, adding a ton of real estate to an otherwise normal experience. Simple apps such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Word benefit from its huge size as well if that’s your thing.

Enjoying videos and launching your favorite editing tools are also a pleasant experience here. Especially for folks who plan to binge-watch their favorite shows after a hard day at work.

However, if you’re planning to pick this up as a gaming monitor, you would be better off with other monitors that are not only going to be better for gaming but would also most likely feature 144Hz, that too for a lower price.

For its incredible set of features, albeit for a very specific set of users, we would love to award the Viewsonic VX3211-4K our Silver Award!


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