The Xiaomi Poco F2 Could Bring Massive Improvements This Year – Here’s Why & How

Following our predictions of the OnePlus 7, iPhone XI and the early launch of the Mi 9, we have decided to drop our bets on Xiaomi’s Poco F2. So here we go.

For those who missed the biggest craze of 2018, the Poco F1 was Xiaomi’s introduction of their first sub-brand, Poco. The device features everything you would expect from a flagship device for a crazy cheap price. From the likes of the Snapdragon 845 to the inclusion of a 4000mAh battery just like the Note 9, the Poco F1 was a pain for brands in countries where Xiaomi had built a presence in.

As we head deeper into 2019, and with Xiaomi expanding its reach in Europe, we’re confident that the Poco F2 may very well shake up the market again with a number of features and improvements. Here is our list of predictions for the upcoming Xiaomi Poco F2.

Untouched RAM & Storage Capacities

The Poco F1 from last year was ground-breaking for its hardware. Aside from the inclusion of a Snapdragon 845 SoC, the Poco F1 came with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM and either 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

Fast-forward into 2019, these RAM and storage capacities seem to be more than enough for 2019 and would most probably adopt the same RAM and storage capacities from the Xiaomi Mi 9. Whether Xiaomi plans to release special variants this year like the Poco F1 as well would something we would keep our eyes peeled for.

Major Design Changes

There’s a good chance that we may see Xiaomi implement some major design changes with the Poco F2, later this year. Following the incredible support they received, one of the points many had pointed out was the fact that the device, despite all of its incredible hardware, did feel underwhelming due to its plastic body.

And while plastic bodies on phones are now frowned upon, many tech enthusiasts, on the other hand, did not mind the inclusion of a plastic body on the Poco F1. However, given how well Xiaomi does take feedback into account, we may see some changes in the design of the device or at least a material upgrade on the Poco F2 this year.

Renders have already conceptualized what the Poco F2 may look like if it were to get a metal unibody design this year, all the while, featuring the original Poco F1’s red accents and the Mi 9’s much-simpler notch.

27W Fast-Charging & 20W Wireless Charging

Last month, Xiaomi stunned the audience with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9. Apart from its incredible price, the Xiaomi Mi 9 brought massive improvements to the charging times of the Mi 9. Not only did we see even faster charging from the Mi 9, but we also got to see Xiaomi trumping the game with their new 20W wireless charging.

When the Poco F1 first launched, it skipped the impractical gimmicks. However, to make the Poco F2 an even more enticing of a device, there’s a good chance Xiaomi could port over their new fast-charging and wireless charging tech.

After all, the Xiaomi’s new wireless chargers are being sold as accessories which means that Xiaomi could record a few more sales if they do bank on their super-exclusive 20W wireless charging on the Poco F2.

The 3.5mm headphone jack relives!

One of the biggest shocks when the Poco F1 launched was the inclusion of a headphone jack. Following the removal of the headphone jack on the Xiaomi Mi 6 under Apple’s blind commandments, Xiaomi finally decided to make the “practical” part of the Poco F1 actually practical by including the headphone jack all of a sudden.

And with the Poco F2 most likely to follow in the same footsteps, we may see the 3.5mm headphone jack live on, just as how Xiaomi has realized their decisions with their Redmi brand.

An Even Larger Battery

Following in the steps of the Note 9, Xiaomi included a 4000mAh battery on the Poco F1. The Poco F1(review) performed incredibly well in the battery departments, clocking in 5-6 hours of continuous browsing.

And if Xiaomi does include an AMOLED panel on the Poco F2, that at this point seems highly unlikely, we may see those battery timing hit the 7-hour mark in tandem with Xiaomi’s upcoming Dark Mode in MIUI 11.

While 4000mAh does seem more than enough at this point, there’s a 50-50 chance that we may see Xiaomi include a slightly larger battery on the Poco F2, more specifically, a 4100mAh or 4200mAh battery to stay ahead of the game.

No 5G, We’re Confident About That

There’s definitely a decent number of enthusiasts expecting Xiaomi to continue pushing out 5G-enabled devices as we head deeper into 2019. While it may be a remarkable achievement, it’s highly unlikely that we may be able to see 5G on this year’s Poco F2, especially given motto Xiaomi’s Poco sub-brand carries with them.

Guess you’ll have to wait for the 5G-enabled Mi MiX 3 this year if you’re stoked on sticking to Xiaomi. However, following the Mi MiX 3 5G rollout in Europe, Xiaomi may not officially release the device for the Asian market before the last quarter of 2019 as 5G isn’t ready yet for the majority of the region.


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