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AMD RX-8125, RX-8120, & A9-9820 Leaked – New CPUs Incoming

AMD has definitely spiced up the market ever since they launched their new Ryzen lineup of CPUs. As the 3rd-generation of Ryzen CPUs arrive, a few mysterious CPUs have made their way to 3DMark’s database dubbed as the RX-8125, the RX-8120 and A9-9820.

Based on the details provided by the leak, first spotted by the folks over at Toms Hardware, these CPUs would apparently be codenamed as Cato, with only two of the CPUs excluding a CPU. All three of the CPUs are said to be eight-core CPUs with relatively weak clock speeds on the surface. Here’s the details of all three CPUs.

  • AMD RX-8125 – 2.3GHz (2.4GHz Turbo) – 8 Cores – No SMT
  • AMD RX-8120 – 1.7GHz (1.8GHz Turbo) – 8 Cores – No SMT
  • AMD A9-9820 – 2.3GHz (2.4GHz Turbo) – 8 Cores – Integrated Radeon RX 350 -No SMT

And while I’m personally left puzzled, it definitely does confirm leaks from a while ago where a major embedded solutions provider listed the product featuring the above names/model numbers.

AMD RX-8125, RX-8120, & A9-9820 Leaked - New CPUs Incoming 4

For folks who are keen about these processors, it’s worth noting that these CPUs are meant or industrial applications rather than home or gaming applications. So these CPUs would most probably never make it to the market. So if you find any of these CPUs with some interest, you’d rather wait for AMD’s 3rd-Gen Ryzen series of CPUs to launch.

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