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Apple’s Magic Keyboard To Feature A Touch Bar & Devices To Come Equipped With Face ID – Patent Reveals

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Apple’s latest patent for its upcoming products have just surfaced courtesy of guys at patentlyapple. The product designs were patented at the European patent office and show a couple of interesting factors about the upcoming devices by Apple.

Apple’s previous devices have had touch ID and the touch bar in the new MacBooks. The new patent reveals that Apple might add that touch bar in its latest iteration of the Magic Keyboard. Moreover, the patent also reveals that the new devices with the touch bar would also employ a biometric scanner most specifically a retina scanner.

Now, previous notebooks by Apple have had Touch ID support which levelled up the security on Apple devices but ever since the iPhone X, Apple’s gaze has shifted towards Face ID and the patent shows that Face ID might become a reality for upcoming desktop and notebook PCs by the brand. The Face ID feature by Apple is claimed to be a lot more effective and secure than the tradition fingerprint sensors and the company also stated that Face ID is the future of biometric security. Given how Apple behaves like a perfectionist brand, having uniformity amongst their products is inevitable.

Apple's Magic Keyboard To Feature A Touch Bar & Devices To Come Equipped With Face ID - Patent Reveals 1

As for the new Touch Bar, the new employed feature took the MacBook by storm and was definitely an element of excellence. Not only increasing the productivity but giving a sort of flare which is rarely held by such devices. The Magic Keyboard has been a part of Apple’s fleet for quite some time and it seems that now might be a good time for Apple to update it. The new touch bar as stated earlier would bring in uniformity and perfectionism to Apple’s fleet of devices and enthusiasts rocking desktops would be able to enjoy the complete Apple experience.

At this point in time not much is known about when the new devices would be updated while we know for a fact that the patent was actually filed way back in Q3 2017. With time we expect Apple to reveal the new features in their next event later this year and while not much could be said about the brand since it is pretty secretive about its products.


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