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Epic Games Bans 1221 World Cup Players – Was Sneakily Monitoring Participants

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Epic’s $100 Million tournament has begun. After pushing some fixes to aid out the bugs, Epic quickly turned to players to monitor how fair tournament participants were. Today, Epic announced details regarding the number of bans they’ve imposed on players who weren’t playing by the rules.

  • A number of players across the world were banned for a number of different reasons. According to the numbers published by Epic Games today, it seems like 1163 out of the 1221 players were banned for circumventing region locks and were caught playing in a number of regions to increase their chances of ranking up. Epic Games has banned these players from competitive games for 14 days and has issued a warning to such players who plan to do so in the future. Epic has also forfeited 196 prize winners who were caught in the scheme.
  • The next set of players who were banned for 14 days were players who had been sharing their accounts. A total of 48 players were caught in the act out of which 9 players managed to initially get their prizes. Like the other cheaters, Epic has forfeited their prizes.
  • Eight accounts were banned for teaming, with one user having their prize forfeited.
  • One account was permanently banned for actually using cheats in the game.
  • Lastly, one player received the 72-hour ban for intentionally disconnecting from the server in order to avoid losing points to other players.

Epic Games advises players to read the Fortnite World Cup rules and is firm on its stance regarding fair play in Fortnite.

Epic further added that they’ve added real-time teaming detection in Fortnite. Epic hasn’t revealed on how long such players would be banned.

It’s great to see Epic putting in the hard work, monitoring players across the globe. After all, there’s $100 Million on the line which is the largest tournament pool e-Sports has ever seen.


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