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Google Introduces Screen Cleaner In The Files App – Google’s Way For An April Fool Prank

April fools are considered to be a festival rather than some random banter and regardless of anyone’s beliefs, everyone does enjoy the day. Today since it is April the 1st, Google has in fact launched their April fool product and it is astonishingly attractive.

The brand took it to its YouTube channel and released a trailer for the Files App by them which allows users to keep a clean and organized structure inside their phone. With the inside of the clear, the outside was being a little too neglected with constant dirt and stains covering our smartphones but not anymore.

Apparently, Google has found a solution to the “Curry Problem” with a brand new feature in the files App which users can activate to clear their screens off any stains by just a single tap. Gone are the days when one would need to install expensive screen protectors and encase their phones in order to protect them. The Google Screen Cleaner does it all using their gimmicky “Smudge Detector API” to detect stain models and then erases them using the fictional “Haptic Movement Generator”.

Moreover, once the phone is clear of any sort of dirt, stains or smudges, the haptic controls take over the phone performing a series of harmonic vibrations to form a uniform protective shield around the phone which would last for hours keeping the phone from any further damage.

While these sort of fun pranks definitely keep the morale up, fans took it to reddit and started bashing Google on their recent moves in the smartphone department with their Pixel 3 and their softwares. For we on the other hand look forward to having this technology implemented in the future of course.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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