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Over 60% Of GSEA Gamers Are Enticed By Esports, Study Suggests

A recent study conducted by an Asian organization “Niko Partners” has just revealed the gaming aspect of the South East Asian region. The region alone makes up half the world’s population and is one of the most bustling and active places in the world. The study shows where the interests of Asian gamers lie and what draws them the most. What type of games they spend most their time on and how much they spend on their games.

The pie chart shows that a whopping 60% of South East Asian gamers are attracted or drawn towards e-sports and have a strong spot for competition and challenge. Out of all the different types of gamers about 42% fall in the Competitive Arena Gamers spending an approximate of $15 on PC games and $10 on mobile games.

E-sports has been an emerging platform and its awareness is ever growing as time passes by. More and more folks are learning about the platform and its benefits as time passes on and the Asian region which comprises of a huge chunk of gamers shows the result. With over 60% of enthusiasts somewhat inspired by esports shows that the demand and recognition for esports are growing at a steady rate and the inspiration, especially in the GSEA region, is prominent.

The study also shows that the majority of enthusiasts are aged between 12 to 23 which shows that the market itself is generally reigned by the youth with gamer spending being substantial this past couple of years. The report suggests that South East Asian gamers prefer competition, foster community and teamwork over anything else which justifies their love for esports. One thing of notice here is the fact that the GSEA region does not comprise of every South Asian country but in fact, consists of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

As time progresses we expect more and more players to draw towards the platform and spend more towards the cause. As the global gaming index increases at a steady rate we expect the numbers to continue growing in the future.

Ibtehaj Temuri

Ibtehaj Temuri reporting from duty. My interests generally manoeuvre around video games, animation and works of fiction. Love to have a chat and any sort of criticism is worth my while.
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