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Huawei P30 Pro’s Incredible Cameras Have Put Its Rivals In A Do Or Die Situation

Huawei’s smartphone game is on point as April 2019 begins. The smartphone has already launched its flagship phone to compete with upcoming devices and oh boy, the phone has some serious power. Despite having inferior performance as compared to its direct competitor, the Kirin 980 does a good job on keeping the P30 Pro on its feet.

One of the highlights of the phone was its camera department and the phone performs exceptionally well when it comes to photography. With a total of 4 rear-facing cameras, Huawei has done some serious innovation to the already great camera department of smartphones. The Huawei P30 Pro easily beats its competition without breaking a sweat and performs phenomenally in low light situations.

Huawei P30 Pro's Incredible Cameras Have Put Its Rivals In A Do Or Die Situation 16

The new RYYB technology seems to play in favour of Huawei and the phone beats every other smartphone you bring to it without an issue. Images taken in low light situations retain their sharpness and the phone does not allow any sort of grain to get in the way. While the sensor on the P30 Pro does lack when it comes to image processing yet the wide array of sensors compensate for all the drawbacks of the device.

More than a few devices have been released this year, most noticeably the Galaxy S10, Nokia 9 and not to mention the Xiaomi Mi 9. Apparently, the P30 Pro outperforms every single device in overall performance and it just shows how Huawei has oriented itself amongst such intense competition. Huawei just last year overtook Apple to become the 2nd best selling smartphone brand worldwide just below Samsung. Considering Huawei’s pace it wouldnt take them long to start hitting on Samsung.

As a matter of fact, Huawei devices have actually been outperforming Samsung mid rangers yet the Korean tech giant still leads. For other manufacturers to compete in this market they would definitely have to step up their camera game and would most certainly want to overtake a brand like Huawei which out of nowhere has come on top. As time progresses so does technology and innovation and we’d expect major smartphone brands to take it up a notch and bring something new to the table.

The Nokia 9 is the only phone that comes close to the P30 Pro when it comes to low light photography. The phone offers a quality camera experience and houses an interesting set of cameras yet it lags behind when it comes to AI and image processing. The P30 Pro in this matter performs desirably and produces quality results.

It is clear that modern smartphones need a makeover in their camera departments and it just amazes me how a brand like Huawei has come this far giving tough time to old-timers like Samsung and Apple. Here are some camera samples courtesy of Vlad Savov.

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