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iPhone XI’s Protruding Triple Camera Further Verified By Leaks

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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The yearly iPhone update is undoubtedly the most awaited each year especially in the odd years since Apple introduces a completely new form factor of their iPhone. While the manufacturer is praised for its secrecy and quality control, having a trillion dollar company is not easy. Some information is bound to leak and expecting everything to go according to plan is inevitable.

Source: Venya Geskin

Unlike Android smartphone leaks there’s not really a grade to believe the leaks or to rank them for their accuracy yet a couple of leaks have been circling the internet since January 2019 and it seems that they may actually be of some use. The above image has been thrown around quite a lot recently and shows the iPhone XI hosting a triple camera set up at the back. While this design may seem to be a little too unbelievable, every trusted source has presented the same model for the upcoming iPhone. Instead of a traditional orientation of the three cameras, Apple has gone for a very unique and interesting design.

Apple itself isn’t really considered the gold standard when it comes down to geometrical feats and the manufacturer has taken questionable steps in that department. The leak also shows that the triple camera set up along with the dual tone flash would be housed under the “Sapphire” glass which Apple likes to brag about. Now, many of you may think that the month is April and nothing could be trusted but this leak is further confirmed by a leaked frame panel of the iPhone on Weibo.

The frame clearly shows that the three cameras would, in fact, be placed in a fidget spinner orientation. This poses a very bizarre design not only by the looks but having such a huge protruding portion of the phone is just not acceptable. Enthusiasts barely let manufacturers get away with a camera bump and Apple here wants a huge rectangular bump on their phones.

The frame also shows a massive hole for the wireless charging coil which Apple introduced in its iPhones earlier. A bigger coil would mean that Apple could add faster wireless charging in its upcoming devices. The iPhone is expected to go live later this year and while only a few months remain for Apple to unveil their new products, hopes are being shattered for a geometrically sound iPhone.


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