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Nokia 1 Plus Makes Its Way Into The U.K Markets For Under £90

Nokia ever since the revival by HMD Global has been making dents in the modern smartphone world. The Nokia brand has pretty much covered every corner of the smartphone market from the premium phones to the bare budget devices. The Nokia 1 smartphone recently became the cheapest Android Go device in India dethroning Redmi Go which is definitely worth praising.

As time moves on, Nokia plans on making a move towards Europe. European markets have always been beneficial to manufacturers and Nokia plans on regaining lost glory in the region. Recently the Nokia 1 Plus has made its way in the UK markets. The Nokia 1 Plus is a budget oriented device meant to host the bare essential features with a clean and reliable experience. With a very impressive price of just £90.

Considering the fact how Chinese manufacturers have taken over the budget department of smartphones, we barely see any newcomers to the market especially the under $100 range. Moreover, all the phones offer a very signature device with shiny and lush features with a crowded UI experience. Nokia here finds its niche in simplicity and elegance. Running stock Android the phone achieves just that and offers a sleek and stealthy look.

The phone does come in a few colour options like Black, Blue and Red with fair internals. The phone features the bare essential two cameras, one on the front and one on the back with a standard LCD display running the latest Android Go software. The phone itself is currently available at Carphone Warehouse and would make its way into other sites for folks to start ordering pretty soon.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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