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OnePlus 7 Pro To Feature A “Fluid AMOLED” Display, Suggests Leaker – And It’s The Cheekiest Move Yet

Following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi Mi 9 family, OnePlus has begun teasing the arrival of their new OnePlus 7 family. Following rumors and leaks suggesting that OnePlus may be releasing more than one device this year, new leaks are suggesting that the OnePlus 7 Pro’s 90Hz display would be dubbed as a Fluid AMOLED display.

According to Max J from AllAboutSamsung, OnePlus would be dubbing the display on their OnePlus 7 Pro, a ‘Fluid AMOLED’ display. He also added that the display on the OnePlus 7 Pro would definitely feature a 90Hz refresh rate, but would quick-switch between 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rates, most obviously to reserve battery.

The display refresh rate of the #OnePlus7Pro isn’t fixed to 90Hz. It can change between 60Hz and 90Hz. They’re calling the screen “Fluid AMOLED”

said Max on Twitter via @Samsung_News_

This definitely seems to be a way for OnePlus to build on its hype after Samsung decided to call their new displays, ‘Dynamic AMOLED’. And in OnePlus’s favor, given the cheeky ‘Fluid’ phrase, it is an incredible marketing tactic that would deter many manufacturers from using the term or display.

Given that the OnePlus 7 Pro would most probably feature a 4000mAh battery or larger, having a display that would adapt its refresh rate based on the situation would definitely help the battery last a whole lot longer. However, given that phone usage is rather largely dependent on swipe gestures, I would suggest that the display would automatically bump up to 90Hz when touched, unless OnePlus digs deeper into optimizing the display’s battery conservation techniques manual.

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