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PUBG Mobile Continues To Dominate Over Fortnite – Records March As The Best Month Ever

While Fortnite may be dominating on PCs and gaming consoles, Epic Games hasn’t managed carry over the same hype over to the folks on mobile. Reports have emerged suggesting some incredible details regarding PUBG’s success over on the mobile side of things, suggesting a shift in the emotions mobile players experience over these two games.

The latest report comes from the folks over at Sensor Tower who have just released some major sales numbers regarding PUBG Mobile and how it has been glimmering over the smartphone gaming market. According to the details published by the smartphone research firm, PUBG managed to make March 2019 its best month in its history, with an increase of 83% in gross sales compared to the month prior.

Additional details provided by the report reported on the iOS side of things exclusively. According to the firm, the influx in March 2019 was 81% higher than the $36 Million folks spent on Fortnite last month. Furthermore, the report suggests that the closest both of the rival titles game to each another in terms of gross sales was in February with PUBG taking the lead by about 29% over Epic’s Fortnite.

PUBG Mobile Continues To Dominate Over Fortnite - Records March As The Best Month Ever 4

It’s clear where PUBG mobile is heading. And while PUBG may not be as popular of the title on the PC and console side of things right now, the folks over at Tencent are making sure the money continues to roll in from the mobile side of things.

Whether PUBG Mobile would continue to dominate the platform for the months to come is yet to be seen. However, given how dominant the game has been on mobile, it may be suggesting the fact that mobile players are not open to the complex and cartoon-like mechanics of Fortnite.

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