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New Alleged Redmi Flagship Mysteriously Surfaces – Hosts A Snapdragon 855 & A Punch Hole Display

The Redmi brand has gained quite some exposure ever since its separation from Xiaomi. The Redmi brand alone has produced quality phones this year mostly featuring the lower mid range market. All this however is predicted to change as new surfaced leaks suggest the Chinese brand to be working on a Snapdragon 855 flagship.

A recent leak from a credible Chinese tipster shows a video of what is allegedly a brand new Redmi smartphone fitted with the Snapdragon 855 SoC. Now, when we consider how Redmi came into being we notice the fact that it basically targetted the budget range and rocked the Snapdragon 6xx / 7xx series SoCs. The recent leaks of it having a premium SoC like the 855 has really puzzled enthusiasts.

The video is actually quite revealing and shows a hands-on experience of a smartphone very much holding the Xiaomi DNA. If having a premium grade SoC in a smartphone division which is meant for budget devices wasn’t a shocker, the leaked footage also shows the display of the phone having a centred punch hole design. Previously we’ve talked countless times on how the punch hole is revolutionising smartphone display tech. Nokia in its budget phones is expected to house a punch hole design which for its price point seems credible. More and more smartphones seem to adapt the punch hole instead of the notch and it just shows how Samsung is currently leading smartphone innovation.

One of the interesting facts about the leaked phone is the fact that the punch hole is centred instead of a corner. Many phones even today like the Huawei P30 feature a teardrop notch which looks fairly decent. Having a punch hole camera meant for enthusiasts to get rid of the notch and sideline the protrusion. This centred hole, on the other hand, looks weird, to say the least, and only time will tell how efficient it really is.

One more noticeable fact here is that Xiaomi itself already has the upper and lower mid-range market covered and has pretty much covered all of Asia. Having a Redmi phone, that too rocking an 855 chipset is pretty absurd. It is almost as if Xiaomi is trying to pick competition with itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if they divert the Redmi lineup to a completely different market space like Africa, Australia or South America for the global invasion of the Chinese tech giant.

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