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Samsung Merges The Galaxy J-Series With The A-Series – Galaxy A30 & A50 To Be The New Budget Options

Samsung’s smartphone reign is immense and for good reason. The Korean tech giant has been around ever since even before the birth of smartphones and is easily the most recognizable smartphone brand. With four major smartphone divisions targetting various different markets, Samsung had planned on targetting every major market globally. The Galaxy J and Galaxy A series has been around for quite some time and was focussed on the budget and midrange market while the S series targetted the premium market.

Samsung however has recently spiced things up in its smartphone divisions. Last year we saw a very abstract change in approach by Samsung towards the Galaxy A series. Folks over at Samsung started experimenting more and giving the A series more attention in general. The J series on the other hand has reportedly been merged with the Galaxy A series with the launch of a couple of new phones by Samsung, the Galaxy A30 and A50.

While one may call it the scraping of the Galaxy J series which apparently had quite a few good smartphones that served well for their price yet Samsung felt the need to merge both the divisions. The Galaxy J series while being important came with its own set of issues and obstacles. Being based on a different DNA meant that the attention was diverted from Samsung itself and the J series lacked support. Having merged into the Galaxy A series, Samsung would most probably experiment even more with the Galaxy A series and would mean heightened customer support.

Samsung has always been lacklustre with software support and customer support in general with its lower end devices, this merger could mean that Samsung plans on a better smartphone experience especially in the lower end of the spectrum. With Chinese manufacturers already taking a huge chunk of the mid range and budget market, Samsung tries its best to compete with them and this might actually prove fruitful for them.

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