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YouTube Has To Key To Explode The 120Hz / 144Hz High-Refresh Rate Market

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform. Being the home to the world’s biggest video creators and companies alike, YouTube has the power to revolutionize and lead the future of media consumption.

YouTube had some of the most humble beginnings, with most of the users using the site to store their videos on. After being bought out by Google, from the original three co-creators, Google made some massive changes to how the site works. And while we don’t want to go over the algorithm changes that went in effect well into its life cycle, these algorithm changes allowed some of the very best content creators to emerge, beginning the channel revolution that allowed viewers to subscribe to their favorite content creators.

Among the diverse community of creators on YouTube that had become the backbone of YouTube had to be the gaming community. With the likes of PewDiePie and others leading the revolution, Let’s Plays, montages, walkthroughs, challenges, and many other takes on gaming have taken gaming enthusiasts by storm.

However, there’s no doubt that there’s always the urge for more as soon as we get over a hurdle. One of the main things holding back the experience for many content creators and viewers are the technical video limitations on YouTube. And while 8K videos are your gateway to crispy heaven, there’s another limitation Google could lift off of its platform that would yet again, take gamers by storm – and that’s enabling at least 120 FPS video on its platform. Just have a look at one of the earliest, yet crispiest 8K videos on YouTube.

Flat displays over the past decade have been limited to 60Hz. However, the competitive gaming community has seen the likes of 240Hz monitors in recent years. As computing power goes hand-in-hand with these new monitors, gamers can finally experience what it feels to surpass the 60 FPS barrier feels like. Currently, there is no platform that supports anything above 60FPS at this moment. However, the massive demand for such displays could simply be taps away for the folks over at YouTube. After all, if they could stream full fledged games with the help of Stadia, anything is possible!

The applications for such massive improvements are unlimited. Reports have suggested that the demand for high-refresh-rate displays is exploding, especially for gamers who care about it the most. From gameplay to excellent slo-mo videos. It would enable a new dynamic for creators to work with, especially with folks who have the means to drive such content. Not only would it be incredible for creators to immerse themselves into, but it would also immerse the viewers just the way how they feel in-game.

Smartphones like the Razer Phone 2 with its 120Hz display and other devices would follow suite to cater the needs of gamers and folks who come to enjoy such smooth content. And while 60FPS isn’t for everyone and isn’t the best frame rate for all types of content, it sure could be appreciated in a ton of applications.

Given how accessible high-refresh-rate displays have become, it’s only a matter of time before high-refresh rate displays become the norm. If it does, we would be keen to see how much of an impact YouTube’s changes would make for the market. The question is, is Google ready to dive head on?


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