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Nokia Launches A New Advert Reminding Users Of Its Finnish Roots

Recently, Huawei was all out banned in the U.S due to reasons regarding national security and much more. While the news has been circling the web for quite some time we’d rather say nothing about the whole situation. One thing, however, is completely understood and that is that Huawei would now face a major setback with major companies like ARM, Google, Apple and more completely cutting off Huawei’s upcoming smartphones.

With such intense competition amongst smartphone manufacturers, users tend to forget how Nokia’s clean aesthetic approach makes up for every dink in their smartphone. Nokia has just released a new advert with a tagline stating,

This new advert not only reminds folks of the brand’s Finnish origins but takes a jab at Huawei’s recent plans as well. The Nokia smartphones have been vital contenders in the midrange and budget market and are far superior to Chinese brands when it comes to geometry, looks and software.

Nokia Launches A New Advert Reminding Users Of Its Finnish Roots 3

With all this debate going on, Nokia has found a strangely satisfying way to tackle the situation to its benefit. The company made its comeback to the mainstream smartphone market after it was acquired by HMD Global and has been making quality devices ever since. Now seems to be a great time for Nokia to make an impact on the U.S markets and corner the mid-range and budget smartphone department. With tensions rising between the U.S and China, Nokia can seriously benefit from here since the Chinese influence is sure to decline in the region.

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