OnePlus 7 Pro Leaks In Almond – This Is It

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the talk around town. As OnePlus gets closer to its final launch, even more, renders of the OnePlus 7 Pro have emerged. This time, in Nebula Blue and Almond.

Previously, leaks from Ishan have showcased the OnePlus 7 Pro in Nebula Blue and Mirror Grey. However, this time, you could finally have your look at the third color the OnePlus 7 Pro is about to come in, Almond.

Like previous leaks, we yet again have a familiar look at the OnePlus 7 Pro we’ve come to know so far. The OnePlus 7 Pro in almond looks to be an incredible choice and addition to OnePlus’s color palette, pushing OnePlus into the trendier realm of color palettes many other manufacturers have been playing with for a while.

Other than that, expect the same hardware we’ve been expecting so far. From the Fluid AMOLED display to the rest of the spec sheet. What I’m personally keen to keep an eye on is the pricing OnePlus is expecting to retail the OnePlus 7 family at. Even though leaks have suggested what the OnePlus 7 Pro’s Indian price tag would look like, the question is, would see the same pricing for other regions as well, or is it the usually inflated price tag as always.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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