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Samsung Collaborates With Pixar & Disney To Bring Quality Backgrounds For The Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 has been well out in markets throughout the globe and has made a generally positive impact on the modern smartphone innovation threshold. One of the most striking features of the Galaxy S10 was it adopting the punch hole infinity O display which instead of a traditional notch which was a bold move.

The circular notch on the S10e and an extended one on higher variants was a decent step up from the traditional notches and offered a seamless experience with an easy to forget protrusion. Samsung today has officially launched a set of featured backgrounds fit for the Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O display.

The backgrounds feature iconic Disney, Pixar movies and much more now available for purchase on the Galaxy Store available according to one’s region and location. These wide varieties of backgrounds feature iconic moments from Frozen, Zootopia, The Incredibles and much more blending in the circular notch which makes the phone look aesthetic.

Samsung Collaborates With Pixar & Disney To Bring Quality Backgrounds For The Galaxy S10 4

Ever since the launch of the device, the internet flooded with unique designs complimenting the punch hole notch on the S10 mostly because it made the phone’s incredible display look majestic and mesmerizing. Samsung, however, has finally decided to bring in top-notch backgrounds officially for enthusiasts. Wallpapers on a smartphone make up the phone’s approach and standpoint, having such creative wallpapers would only add value to your phone and what better way than to pimp your phone and hide the notch in doing so.

This is Samsung’s first cooperation with Disney and Pixar. The manufacturer plans to provide more quality backgrounds for users and to collaborate with more brands in the coming future.

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