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Battlefield V Introduces Four New Maps, Roadmap & New Rank Limit At E3 2019

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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EA has just revealed some more cheesy content coming to Battlefield V. Following some major revelations a while ago from EA Play 2019, EA has decided to keep it cheesy by announcing new changes coming to Battlefield V.

EA began the Battlefield V keynote by revealing a number of maps, beginning with a map dubbed as Marita. Marita is a map based in Greece. The map would take you through a neighborhood in Greece with sloping mountains and through the valley. The map is aimed at largely aimed at infantry-focused combat. The map would be a part of Chapter 4 coming next month.

The next map being revealed is the new Al-Sundan. The map was adapted from The map has been optimized for infantry and vehicle-based combat. The map is so large that EA has made sure that the map has a number of key locations, including an airbase to take-off with a plane. Al-Sundan would be coming in Chapter 4, June the 27th.

The last map EA revealed today is Operation Underground. Operation Underground would definitely remind you of Operation Metro from Battlefield 4 back in the day. You would be taken underground where players would grind themselves through the subway. However, Operation Underground would be coming later this year between October and November, later this year.

EA said that they have added a number of flanks to all three maps. EA continued its event by announcing that they would be introducing even more infantry-based combat maps to Battlefield V.

The team at Battlefield also introduced a new map based on the war between the US and Japan back in the day. The map would be making its way in Chapter 5 and would be available, as usual, as a free map like the others.

Now these were just the maps that EA revealed at EA Play 2019. However, that isn’t all EA had to reveal. At the event, EA revealed some more details regarding what players could expect from the game following the launch of Al-Sundan, Marita and Operation Underground.

Here is what you could expect to see towards the end of Battlefield V’s Chapter 4 and introduction of Chapter 5.

  • Regarding max ranks, EA has pushed the max rank from 50 to 500 in order to keep players from hitting the barrier.
  • Like Fortnite, EA would also be introducing private servers for all Battlefield V players. These servers would be available by September, later this year.
  • Lastly, Battlefield V has finally been added to the Origin Access and EA Access Vault, meaning that you can now play Battlefield V as a subscription if you have been waiting out on it.


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