LG’s Planning To Go Mid-Range – But It’s Beginning Its Race With A MicroUSB Port

LG has been dwindling over the past few years. Ever since Samsung and Apple began their feud, Sony, HTC, and LG have become second-class brands that appeal to loyalists from the early Android days. Following the launch of the LG G8 family, LG yet again revered making sure that it’s here to stay.

However, with the LG G8 falling under the bus ever since its debut, it seems like LG is planning to peek into the mid-range territory, that is, if they’re able to actually pull it off. An exclusive leak spilled by C4ETech earlier today revealed the developments of a rather mid-range device featuring LG’s logo.

According to the YouTuber, the mysterious LG device would be an LG W-series smartphone, featuring a rather modern design with the exception of the physical fingerprint sensor at its rear.

After the M, there’s the W – Here’s an exclusive – this is LG’s new W series phone! Real Leaked Image! Looks decent, hope @LGIndia gets the Price & Specs right this time! What are you expecting guys?

said C4ETech via Twitter
LG's Planning To Go Mid-Range - But It's Beginning Its Race With A MicroUSB Port 4

Unfortunately, the leak didn’t reveal any more details regarding the phone, nor its price. However, simply judging by the dual-camera setup on its rear, the physical fingerprint sensor on its rear, and the re-incarceration of the Micro USB port, we could definitely be looking at a low to mid-range phone over here.

There’s no telling what LG could be going for over here. However, history has taught us that LG, HTC and Sony have been too shy to tackle the mid-range segment in certain Asian and European markets, especially with the introduction of their Chinese rivals.

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