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Rainbow Six Quarantine Official Teaser Trailer Revealed At E3

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been a massive success. The multiplayer FPS based title garnered thousands of players instantly and thanks to its realistic operators and situations the game made its way to the top beating the old veterans in the esports scene.

Lucky for enthusiasts, Ubisoft has come up with a sequel to the Rainbow Six franchise with a new trailer revealed at E3. The upcoming title named Rainbow Six Quarantine now offers a story based experience with an immense bump in graphics and overall visuals. The reveal trailer is only about a couple of minutes long gives off horrific vibes with a zombie situation at hand.

The short clip shows us as being trapped in the washing room surrounded by enemies while in a short period of time a ton happens following through the gush of Adrenalin. Support barely catches us alive while we’re almost unconscious.

Overall the game’s approach and vibes are definitely positive yet a question remains. Given how in recent years we’ve seen various different zombie games and they have been getting better and better. Considering how Rainbow Six Siege has set player’s standards it’ll undoubtedly be tough for Ubisoft to pull this one off. They’ll most certainly want to bring variety into the classic zombie action thriller with a very Rainbow Six original twist.

The game is set to release next year on the PS4, Xbox One and PC while players can already register to participate to play the game early. So don’t miss out your chance to register for further updates about the game at the provided website.

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