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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order New Gameplay Footage Released, E3 2019

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? The franchise itself has had a massive impact on pop culture and enthusiasts can’t think what would happen if it didn’t exist. EA has been making shooter games over the franchise for quite some time. Their latest title was Star Wars Battlefront.

In A Nutshell – What To Expect?

Today, EA has revealed a small gameplay trailer of the game which takes place mid game where we’re trying to uncover our powers and whatnot. The gameplay mechanics look neat and very similar to other action adventure titles. As far as graphics are concerned, the game looks fine but not the best. The visuals are okayish but considering how EA goes with graphics quality the gameplay shows mediocre graphics.

Although the Battlefront game featured creative and iconic Star Wars moments from the movies it lacked originality and felt as if its a direct successor to the Battlefield franchise. E3 2019, however, is here and with it, EA has introduced a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game dubbed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Gameplay & Graphics

The teaser trailer definitely raised hopes for enthusiasts since it offered a proper storyline instead of an FPS multiplayer experience. The story is set in a world where a galaxy-wide purge of Jedi’s has taken place and players take control of Padawan Cal Kestis who tries to survive the hostility while being chased by the Galactic Empire.

The gameplay shown however is a totally different story. In my opinion, it was every child’s dream to get hold of a lightsaber and have the powers of a Jedi and with the game ready to roll out the dream may very well come true soon. The combat engine appears very enigmatic and appealing with flashy animations and lit up weapons.

Availability & Release

The game overall is not something out of the park. The attention to detail isn’t on par with other titles and the game fails to build up the atmosphere. But to Star Wars fans it doesn’t really matter as much as long as they’re getting a proper Jedi game with a solid storyline. The game is available November 15th later this year on PS4, PC and Xbox One with pre-orders starting here.

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