Xbox Scarlett Is An Absolute Beast – 4X More Powerful Than The Xbox One X

Microsoft is continuing its beastly approach with the Xbox One line of consoles. Following the launch of the Xbox One X back in 2018, Microsoft has its eyes set on the next-generation of consoles, dubbed as Scarlett.

In a video published by the folks over at Microsoft, Microsoft revealed that the new Xbox Scarlett console would be built with AMD’s new Zen2 and Navi architecture, leveraging the incredible improvements as well as the new IPC games from the new Zen2 architecture. In addition to that, they also revealed that the Xbox Scarlett console would be leveraging GDDR6 memory instead of the HBM2.

To keep things simple here’s everything that Microsoft is promising with its new beast of a console. Microsoft says that with the console, they’re looking at the Xbox Scarlett delivering

  • Up to 120 FPS
  • 8K “capability
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Next-Gen Ray-Tracing

Furthermore, Microsoft did bank quite a bit on the new SSD that would be coming to the Xbox Scarlett as well as on the new capabilities it would be bringing to the scene.

Microsoft has revealed that Project Scarlett would be launching in Late 2020. Pricing, as usual, wasn’t revealed. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see if Scarlett ends up on shelves featuring a $599 price tag. Anything lower than that, and you’re inviting quite a bargain.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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