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Huawei Will Still Face Some Restrictions Dealing with the US, According to Trump’s Economic Advisor

Around a month ago, Huawei basically got banned by the USA. The reason being that the Chinese company has a backdoor in it’s phones and other cellular devices that allow the Chinese government to spy on America. While the allegations got declined by Huawei, the company was still put on Trump’s “entity list”. The Entity List is sort of like a blacklist, and Huawei is there along with 68 other companies.

That is, until things worked out for Huawei. Yesterday, Trump announced that the company will be allowed to do business with the USA again. It looked like Huawei got the green light from the USA, until Trump’s economic adviser stepped in today. NEC chairman Larry Kudlow, talking on Fox Sunday, said that Trump’s comments are not final.

All that is going to happen is Commerce will grant some additional licenses where there is general availability.

– Larry Kudlow, Chairman US National Economic Council.

The American administration believes that Huawei is a threat to National security. If the administration is adamant on choking Huawei, not many concessions will be made by the Senate.

If we’re right at interpreting, this means that Huawei will only be able to source stuff that is available worldwide, from the USA. This again puts Huawei at a tough spot, since Google’s Play Store and Gmail app is of course, only available from the US. Does that mean Huawei still can’t use Android with Google Play Store and security updates straight from Google? We don’t know until the Trump administration launches a formal statement clarifying all this.

Stay tuned for more on this.

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