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Burn Out Paradise Remastered Gets A Release On The Nintendo Switch

Filled with nostalgia for many including myself the most iconic burnout sequel, Burnout Paradise is on its way on the Nintendo Switch. That too with 60fps and completely remastered with upgraded visuals and everything. Yes, you heard it the Nintendo Switch is getting the iconic burnout title with subtle adjustments and upgrades.

The Burnout franchise has been one of the most iconic racing franchises. The whole destruction phenomena took the early gaming world by storm and to this day remains just as fresh as the day it was introduced. It’s been years since we’ve seen a proper full-fledged burnout game with updated next-gen graphics and gameplay. Sure we’ve had amazing racing games over time but nothing quite matches the burnout series.

The game comes with all the cars, 8 DLC’s and a complete overhaul of visuals. All available on the go. However there is one catch, the price is set at $49.99 which for a remastered game on the Nintendo Switch seems too steep for many. While the game itself is undoubtedly magnificent some may have to check how much nostalgia costs in this case.

Updated with high resolution texture packs, one of the DLC’s offer an action packed online mode dubbed “Cops and Robbers” with 33 variations of Police Cars inspired by Burnout Paradise vehicles.

The game is expected to make its way to consumers this July the 19th.

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