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Troy Baker & Marvel Games Head Tease Daredevil Game In A Series Of Tweets

A recent Tweet posted by IGN producer Jonathon Dornbush asked folks about what would be the ideal superhero video game for them plus which developer would they want to make it. Now at a glance, it seemed like an ordinary interactive Tweet but things got interesting when Troy Baker retweeted by mentioning Marvel Games head Bill Roseman. To this Bill, himself responded with,

You, sir, are clearly a man without fear.

Bill Roseman

Now the quotation itself above is a subtitle to the original Daredevil comic book series hence the significance. To ordinary folks, it may seem usual banter in all fun and games but to comic-book enthusiasts, things seemed more than just fishy. For once many fans came out with theories regarding how a Daredevil game could very well be on the way. Now the quotation itself above is a subtitle to the original Daredevil comic book series hence the significance.

With Marvel’s Spiderman being an instant success on the PS4 it’s only natural for them to move over towards more underrated characters and franchises. With the new Avengers game and Iron Man VR title on the way, Marvel could very well move over to Daredevil. The Daredevil franchise apart from comic-book enthusiasts came into the spotlight thanks to the Netflix adaptation and the TV show was an instant hit.

Unfortunately for fans, the show got cancelled after its 3rd season aired yet having a totally new superhero in the videogame industry would definitely be something to look out for. Since the dawn of superhero games, we’ve seen Batman, Spiderman and Superman on the bigger platforms. This could be the big break for other heroes for a chance to bring variety to the superhero genre for once.

Pair all that with our next generation consoles and we’ve got ourselves a masterpiece featuring photo-realistic graphics and breathtaking views and amazing storyline Marvel’s known for. Now all this is still a shot in the dark and while we may take this news with a pinch of salt, the possibilities are truly endless.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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