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Doom Eternal Gets Its First Major Update On All Platforms

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Doom Eternal’s been out for quite some time on current generation consoles as well as PC but in all the classic Bethesda fashion the game came with its own share of problems, bugs and whatnot. While the game’s been an overall fun experience for many sometimes it’s the little things that tend to question the sanity of the one playing.

First off Bethesda has added Empowered Demons into the in-game interactive world. If a demon beats a player in single-player mode that demon is then buffed up, upgraded and then sent to another player. Downing empowered demons is rewarded with health, ammo and tons of XP. Moreover, this adds a new layer of a player to player interaction even in singleplayer modes.

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Furthermore, the update fixes most of the balance concerns by the community like the toxic damage, ability to dash while swimming and a proper set of tutorials to the game. The game has also buffed up the online experience. The “Battlemode” now offers a totally new in-game chat experience with a series of adjustments made to the overall experience. Bethesda has added latency indicators, a refined damage report and much more.

Most importantly players showcasing toxic behaviour or leaving matches prematurely would be given a penalty and new players would be given a compulsory tutorial into the game mode. The update brings countless balances to the game with various weapons damage given a reality check and with a ton of adjustments. For complete details visit here.

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It seems as if prior to the update Doom was almost an early access title. With so much to be added with the update its as if the game was half broken on release. But Bethesda being Bethesda fans would know better than anyone. It is worth appreciating that they’ve addressed almost all the major issues of the game and plan on releasing the new Invasion Mode DLC expansion.

Doom has been a part and parcel for many and while it may not be perfect if Bethesda keeps on adding more and more content and adjustments this might be their golden ticket to what Doom was meant to be.


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