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International Dota 2 Championships Delayed – Likely To Happen In 2021

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Dota 2 is a title synonymous with words like esports championship and fandom. The International Dota 2 championship has been around for quite some time and has shaped the way how we perceive modern esports today.

Valve today in a blog post confirmed that the 10th iteration of the international which was supposed to happen this year will be delayed indefinitely for now. It is more than likely to happen in 2021 since the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic won’t let Valve even browse through potential dates.

With all the current restrictions nobody should be expecting a rigid timeline for the event. However, all is not lost and enthusiasts shouldn’t lose all hope for Valve as a confidence booster is working on a resurrection of the DPC (Dota Pro Circuit). The DPC is likely to happen this fall and would act as a buffer for enthusiasts and pro players themselves between the Internationals.

The prize pool for the International though is to be funded by 25% of the sales of the next Battle Pass which Valve plans on releasing as early as possible. With global setbacks to Valve including the CS: GO major delay things might take longer than usual to pan out for the developers.

All is not lost nevertheless with online events popping up with a higher frequency than ever online gaming is on a steep rise.


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