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Dreams Demo Makes Its Way To The PlayStation Store

“Dreams” has been one of the most popular community-oriented games on the PlayStation Store as of today. The title took gamers by storm since it offered a ton of mini-games inside built by the community’s finest and most creative folks.

As of today, the Demo version of the game has landed the PlayStation store and users can head over the store right now and download it straight away. The demo includes a ton of variety with popular playlists including “The Ornithologist’s Private Collection, Ruckus, Cubic, Player Piano Player, Art Therapy and Great Job Human!”.

The complete game while still in its early stages offers a separate “Create” mode for enthusiasts to build and showcase their talent. It certainly gives young developers a proper platform to display their creativity. Moreover, the demo itself would spark creativity amongst developers who for long were waiting for an opportunity. Of course, casual gamers could just sit back and enjoy the various experimental and vivid minigames, especially in these desperate times.

The demo itself is fully compatible with the Dreams companion site and players who end up purchasing the full game would start from where they left off. The demo would also include a complete introduction to the “Create” mode and players can also follow Media Molecule on their social media platforms for more insight.

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