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For Honor Gets A Price Cut On The PS4 – Available For Under $10

For Honor upon its release was arguably one of the most ambitious Ubisoft games at the time. However, things didn’t quite work out their way and with P2P networks instead of dedicated servers. This didn’t stop players from trying out the game itself though.

The game not only offers a unique fighting mechanism but with its breathtaking graphics, there isn’t much to complain about. Moreover with its price down to just $9.89 on the PlayStation Store the offer is more the sweet for gamers just wanting to have a good time and enjoy the genre.

Player left disappointed by the game never picked it up ever again yet Ubisoft kept bringing timely updates to the game to this day. Over time the hack and slash title became what it once desired to be and with thousands of players on and off calling it a dead game is definitely an overstatement.

Many would argue that the game is free on the Epic Store and it’s just not worth spending your precious dollars on but I’d have to disagree. First off not everyone can manage a PC that can run the game with decent visuals and frames. Furthermore having a console means a comfortable relaxing setting with which the price is totally justified. Plus the fact that Ubisoft cares enough for the player base to bring them new content and timely updates is more than enough to convince an avid gamer like me.

Overall in this self-isolation setting I’d be more than willing to spend some hours on the game and have a bit of fun while we wait for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla coming out later this year.

Ibtehaj Temuri

Ibtehaj Temuri reporting from duty. My interests generally manoeuvre around video games, animation and works of fiction. Love to have a chat and any sort of criticism is worth my while.
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