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Fortnite’s Party Royale Premiere Featuring Dillion Francis & More Teased

We’ve always talked about how Epic Games has pushed Fortnite to its very limits. From adding various pop culture items in the shop to various gameplay updates and everything in between Fortnite is on a roll.

The game itself has been hosting virtual concerts and events for quite some time and the ever-increasing audience does not mind that at all. From hosting a Marshmello concert to a Travis Scott one and everything in between, Fortnite does not seem to slow down it seems. A brand new ad posted on Instagram shows that the game might be hosting another event

Fortnite's Party Royale Premiere Featuring Dillion Francis & More Teased 4
Source: Fortnite

The image shows three major artists, Dillion Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5 with a date of May the 8th. Now some Reddit users did confirm seeing this actual ad however the link itself did not take them anywhere and was in fact faulty. This could very well mean that the ads were all just a mistake before their actual confirmation or the fact that the link itself malfunctioned at that given point.

Nevertheless, the fact that in these tough times, Epic Games is providing proper quality content to its player base is something you don’t see very often. With more and more artists moving towards virtual concerts especially in these times of isolation could it be that the future of concerts is what we see now?

It would definitely be interesting to see if Fortnite goes forward with this event and would definitely influence more artists to come towards the virtual concert path. As the leak suggests, the Party Royale Premiere takes place Live at 9 PM Eastern time or 6 PM Pacific time.

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