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Light Sabers Make A Comeback On Fortnite, Limited Time Only

Fortnite devs have been phenomenal over time with the amount of content and updates they bring to the game every now and then. It is no surprise that the game has been around for quite some time and yet the hype stays on top. The Light Sabers from the latest Star Wars movie was previously added to the game as a purchasable item and like every timed item was removed later on.

However, as we approach May the fourth, a widely celebrated Star Wars day across the globe by countless fans the already popular and iconic lightsabers make a comeback to the game for a limited time only. Players can now pick up the advanced weapon of the Jedi and master it. With various lightsabers including Rey’s and Luke’s players can also collect the Kylo Ren’s iconic dark side lightsaber.

Light Sabers Make A Comeback On Fortnite, Limited Time Only 4

From a galaxy far far away the item shop brings players some of the most popular collectables like Star Wars-inspired Emotes, Outfits, Back Blings and much more. The offer, however, ends on May the 5th so you may want to hurry.

With the way Fortnite’s incorporating every major pop culture event they seem to be unstoppable. With virtual music concerts taking place by artists with the likes of Diplo and Travis Scott some may believe that this is the future of pop culture. The game is soaring through 2020 with more players at home than ever it seems that virtual concerts and virtual memorabilia is the way forward and Fortnite just seems to be on top of it all with virtually no competition.

Where other games tend to target the Battle Royale genre as a sense of competition, Fortnite is cruising over with its popular items, outfits and in-game purchases.

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