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Rainbow Six Siege, Evil Within 2 & Get Even Are Your Monthly PS Now Games

PlayStation Now is Sony’s video game streaming service available on both the PS4 and PC. The service offers exclusive titles from PS3’s Heavy rain to PS4’s Spiderman and everything in between. Having such a great initiative and with greatly improving internet speeds worldwide the demand for video game streaming has definitely gone up. Gone up to the point that Google has gone forward with a console-based solely on video game streaming.

As we enter May 2020, PlayStation Now has added 3 AAA titles to its arsenal consisting of Rainbow Six Siege, Evil Within 2 and Get Even. With a mixture of online play and single-player campaign thrillers, this month’s titles have to be quite interesting.

Rainbow Six is an interesting choice for the PS Now initiative though given the fact that its a multiplayer-only option PS4 users can opt to download the game while PC players would have to make do with the stream which may cause some lag unless you’ve got a good connection. Moreover with the new event taking place in Siege, now’s an amazing time to start your grind in the game.

The Evil Within 2, a sequel to the horror-thriller game offers a totally different experience for users. With its impressive attention to detail and spectacular beasts and jump scares the game is as good as it gets for enthusiasts wanting to have a good scary time.

Moving on to our third game for this month, Get Even is a psychological puzzle and thriller game with its ambitions close to that of The Evil Within 2. Yet it appeals to a totally different genre of people. The nail-biting adventure in a thrilling world full of plot twists, Get even ads depth to the PS Now lineup and is definitely a worthy contender for thriller games.

With so many people at home and not many to have a worthwhile gaming device, PS Now offers a nice getaway for folks trying to have a good time. Having a library of over 800 titles from across Sony’s arsenal of games over these decades is just the cherry on top.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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