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Naughty Dog Introduces “Inside The Last of Us Part II” – A Four-Part In-Depth Video Series

The Last of Us Part II is right around the corner with only a few weeks left from its launch this June 19th. Naughty Dog today announced a four-episode series taking a deep dive into The Last of Us Part II. The game has been the centre of attention since its first announcement years ago. It is no wonder that Naughty Dog has been exceptional lately but given how the first part was instant hit fans have set their expectations accordingly.

In a recent message, Neil Druckman revealed that given the most recent delay upon its release the team over at Naughty Dog has had more and more time to polish the game and it is undoubtedly the most ambitious and good-looking work they’ve done. Set to release on the current generation consoles the game’s latest story trailer is nothing but breathtaking.

Coming back to the Inside Last of Us Part II series, the first episode is currently live and focusses mainly on the story and the key details and features on how it became what it is today. The way technology has come so far Naughty Dog’s been working tirelessly on bringing the best for the current generation and it is no wonder that the game looks so beautiful. The four-part series is to release a new episode every week for the next three weeks with topics like Gameplay, Details and World in their respective order.

The episodes, of course, are spoiler-free unless you’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to see the leaked spoilers. The leaks themselves have cost a lot for both Sony and Naughty Dog. Considering how this is inevitably the most talked about game of this year besides a couple of others having such a scandal has costed faith lost by many fans and enthusiasts.

Every episode has special interviews by the team and actors who have worked on the game discussing exclusive details and the technology behind the upcoming title. The game is set for June 19th and the upcoming episodes act as a good buffer for folks wanting to learn more about the stuff going on behind the curtains.

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