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Nintendo To Focus More Towards Mobile Users, Says CEO Shuntaro Furukawa

Nintendo’s President and CEO in Nintendo’s Annual Financial Briefing Q&A revealed quite a few keen details about the company’s future and how they intend on taking the Nintendo Switch forward.

The Switch is currently in the middle of its cycle and up until this point has been doing extremely well. However thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic Nintendo has had issues producing new consoles for the ever-growing market. Furukawa expressed that however unexpected our situation might be Nintendo has not had any major impact and would try to release most of the announced titles and would still be working on more to come.

Now, this brings us to the other side of Nintendo. Animal Crossing has been an instant success on the Nintendo Switch and thanks to the New Horizon update, Sales shot past by 550% last month. Nintendo states that over 50% of Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales have been digital and that the company would continue to take care of the six games available on mobile devices.

The report also suggested that the company would, in fact, be working on more content for mobile devices since it wants to raise awareness for its games through the mobile market. With folks in quarantine more and more desperate for new content Nintendo’s mobile release has allowed them a neat way to spend their time. Continuing this trend could prove to bring more and more players to Nintendo’s circuit. The global market reach has seen significant improvement this year for Nintendo with Mario Kart Tour surpassing over 400 million downloads.

It is clear that mobile’s a platform Nintendo intends to take over and to bring timely updates and to allow players to interact with each other in a manner never before seen on the platform is nothing short of a revolution.

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