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Batman Is A No Show For The Surprise Game Reveal At Summer Game Fest, Debunks Geoff Keighley

The Summer Game Fest is on the roll and with it so are many enthusiasts who were desperately waiting for a proper gaming event this year. In terms of events and gaming expo’s this year has been extremely scarce. Luckily for us, Geoff Keighley from @thegameawards has come forward with his very own completely digital gaming event.

Out of all this, Geoff announced a surprise game reveal for May 12th Tuesday. Now since there’s been a lot of rumours going on about how the upcoming batman game will happen to be a total reboot, fans and especially batman fans weren’t too quick to tie the knots. Given that in his previous stream Geoff happened to have a Batarang trophy in his background. Fans quickly noticed it and thought of it as a subtle hint towards tomorrow’s reveal.

Batman Is A No Show For The Surprise Game Reveal At Summer Game Fest, Debunks Geoff Keighley 4

Now the event itself started off with the Inside Xbox premiere featuring a first look at the gameplay of the upcoming Xbox Series X. However fans were utterly disappointed by the stream. Now since there’s a first for everything lets not be very harsh on the folks over at Summer Game Fest. Of course, there were hurdles and the stream wasn’t as jaw-dropping as we expected however a tiny step towards our goal is better than no steps at all.

However, Geoff himself was quick to deny the claims and stated in a tweet that he’s been getting a ton of wild guesses about Mafia’s remastered series and Batman for all he knows is that its a fun reveal and definitely not a Batman game. Fans were utterly disappointed at the very least for there hasn’t been a real Batman game in years.

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