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Summer Game Fest 2020, All You Need To Know

Geoff Keighley of “The Game Awards” brings us the “Summer Game Fest 2020” as a way for gamers from all across the globe to interact and have fun. Not only this but the event itself brings a twist to the traditional event hosting.

Game fests and international gaming events have pretty much shaped the way we perceive video games in these modern times. Such events cater to a wider audience and most importantly unites gamers in a way unforeseen.

However, in these tough times and with unarguably every major event and season cancelled or delayed indefinitely things aren’t looking very good for the ever booming gaming industry. With the likes of E3 getting cancelled all is not lost nevertheless. Starting from May and going all the way to August the event celebrates games like never before. With exciting new layers to it like publisher news events, In-game events and playable demos enthusiasts couldn’t have asked for more. But the thing that raises eyebrows is the fact that everything is free and digital.

Summer Game Fest 2020, All You Need To Know 4

With the basic outline of the event out of the way, we move towards their first phase that involves top game publishers like Steam, Blizzard, PlayStation and much more. Game announcements are to begin next week.

With a 4 month-long event, a lot is to be expected from folks over at Summer Game Fest and enthusiasts should fasten their seat belts for this is going to be a roller coaster ride. Folks can join them here for instant notifications for news, events and much more.

Summer Game Fest 2020 being the only major event taking place this year a lot is to be expected and well for many is an opportunity to set their place in this everlasting competition. I certainly look forward to what they have to offer.

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