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Terraria Gets A Final Goodbye Update, Journey’s End Makes Its Way 9 Years After Release

Terraria has been one of the top indie games for gamers over the past decade if not the only indie game this popular in the gaming community. The game has been a part of almost every kid’s childhood experience with beautiful adventurous game design and 2D pixel graphics expressing more than what meets the eye.

After over 9 years the developer has finally completed the game with the final update called Journey’s End waving goodbye to its evergreen loyal fanbase over at Reddit and other socials. While the new update brings a ton of content and polishes a bunch of features including a brand new “Master” Mode for hardcore players.

Moreover upon the release fans and enthusiasts from all around came back to the classic game on Steam and the current players went completely off the charts. The game itself was hosting a respectable 55,000 concurrent players but after the announcement, the numbers were close to about 330,000. Re-logic himself stated that Terraria has been a beautiful part of the developer’s life and that it’s finally time for it to let go for the sequel.

Terraria Gets A Final Goodbye Update, Journey's End Makes Its Way 9 Years After Release 4

Recently Re-logic confirmed that the next Terraria game might as well go open source since the development has had issues hence the huge delay. Given over a hundred thousand petitions signed the game would be crowdfunded and developed completely by the community and would finally see the sunlight. indie games like Terraria being the sole example of how arcade adventure games don’t require photo-realistic visuals.

Unreal Engine’s fair usage policy allowing for indie developers to use it free of cost could effectively allow for more and more indie titles while nowhere near the league of Terraria we could be expecting a new rise of Indie titles. For now, players look up to the sequel of Terraria given the community completes it as soon as possible.

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